It has been yet another challenging and exciting year for the OSHAB and the pork production industry we serve. First and foremost, I want to thank the volunteers that dedicate their time and grey matter to swine disease surveillance, containment, control and elimination efforts. Together we are building a stronger more united industry. Last year Swine Health Ontario (SHO) was formed, and its mandate was to unite and coordinate provincial resources, provide focus and prioritize outcome based results with respect to disease control. I applaud its first year.

 The OSHAB has become a working committee of OPIC, but still maintains its   “Get-R-Done” mandate. We have been very successful and very lucky with our efforts to eliminate PED however complacency is the biggest risk we face. There are some very exciting initiatives underway that will enhance our understanding of PRRS and build the foundation required to contain highly pathogenic strains.

Seneca Virus A is in my opinion the biggest threat to our industry so far and it is going to infect farms unless we address our cull industry risks.

More than ever we need to think out of the box, be prepared to do the hard work and never become complacent.

On behalf of the OSHAB, I look forward to working with the wonderful folks who volunteer and excited to what adventures the hog industry will conquer in 2017!

Marty Misener 

* Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't by James Collins

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